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  • Kodak Facial Retouch Module

Kodak Facial Retouch Module must be ordered off-line.
Please call customer service for inquiry or to order (800)553-5580


Kodak Facial Retouch Module 

List Price - $150  FREE w/ Kiosk/Order Station

Go from spots to spotless automatically with the NEW Facial Retouch feature. Automatically removes or reduces facial blemishes. Instantly smoothes skin & reduces wrinkles. Retouches in seconds.

·         Configurable: Set up as Premium Top Screen Product OR access via edits menu

·         Instantly smooth skin, reduce wrinkles & remove blemishes

·         Configurable: Limit output to enlargements only (5x, 6x, 8x): larger print size optimum for consumer to notice facial improvements & drives premium mix

·         Can charge consumer a premium for service

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Kodak Facial Retouch Module

  • $150.00