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Silver Surcharge

What is a silver surcharge?

A silver surcharge value will be assessed to all Kodak silver halide paper invoices by product line item.  This surcharge was in effect beginning on April 1st, 2011 and continues to be applied monthly.

The surcharge factors are subject to change up or down* at the beginning of each month and will be calculated and shown  in the ordering cart automatically.  

Orders placed by the last business day of the month by 2:00pm CST will be assessed the current monthly  rate.

*Surcharge rates are determined on a rolling average based on the silver index from

A check box will appear in the check-out process for all Kodak silver halide papers when ordered and  be shown as a line item expense.  The customer will acknowledge the surcharge value by checking the box. 

Although this silver surcharge has been in effect on Kodak silver halide papers for many years, any questions please contact customer service.