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Get A Quote - How To Get Our Best Pricing

What is Request A Quote?

Shopping on most sites can often be exciting and frustrating both at the same time. Often consumers like the product they find but not necessarily at the price that is being offered. A variety of factors come into play such as shipping costs, larger volume needs, and product location. At Southpoint we have recognized this challenge and we think we have a unique solution to the problem. On certain items we have enabled a “Request A Quote” button on select items to allow our customers to request a better price than the listed price and/or ask product related questions. This function is a no obligation process. You are not required to make any purchase unless you choose to checkout and pay. You are in control of the purchase, not us, unless you miss the expiration date set for the quote response to finalize your order. Additionally, certain items may already be priced competitively at the lowest allowable sale price we can offer, therefore those items we will not have the button enabled intentionally.

So How Does it Work?

  • The most important step before starting is to register for an account. You cannot use this feature unless you register. If you are registered then log in first. If you do not do this then the site will redirect you and force this step.
  • Once registered and/or logged in search for products with the “Request A Quote” button enabled to start the process. Click the button and the product(s) will be placed in the shopping cart. You will also notice a message at the top of the page that states “you added items for the request for quote and to proceed to submit the request here” which will be a link to take you to the next step.
  • The following screen you will see a “comments” box with a “submit for quotation” button just below it as well as the item(s) that you are requesting a quote. In the comments box that opens; please type your price request for each item, quantity desired, and any additional information to assist our team and hit “submit for quotation”. At this point the quotation status will be “Under Review” and you will get an email notification. We would like to point out our response could take up to 24 hours Monday-Friday during business hours or the next business day so please factor holidays and weekends. You can check your quotation status in the My Account section when logged in otherwise look for our email response.
  • Next you will receive a submitted email response with a formal PDF quote from our team that will indicate any additional discounts that we could offer. Our goal is to meet your desired price request whenever possible and if we could not, then we will give our closest price offer to your request. If there is no further room for additional discounts, stock issues, or even price restrictions from the manufacturer then our email may indicate comments in the response, so please review carefully.
  • This is the final step, you are almost there. In our email response you will see hyperlinks that will allow you to ACCEPT the quote and proceed to check out or REJECT the quote response. If you chose to accept then hit the ACCEPT link and check out with payment. Please make sure you place the order before the expiration date set. If you choose to reject, then click the REJECT link. If rejecting, then the process can just end at your option with no obligation or response or you can send comments back and explain why you rejected for our reference. We typically try to meet your price request or get as close as we can on the first attempt to be efficient because we want you to complete the sale. Further negotiations are for offline orders for our sales department, so we commend you call in.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations. Although, in some cases there may not be further discounts available, we feel that this tool will at least allow us to say “there is no harm in asking.” We hope you find this experience unique and friendly, as it is our goal that your request for a quotation turns into a sale and coming back for more purchases in the future.